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2020 MECHREVO Code 01 PF5NU1G · lhl/linuxlaptops Wiki


The Mechrevo Code 01 is a high-TDP (up to 54W sustained) Ryzen 4000H CPU laptop (without a dGPU). It is in a lightweight (1.5kg) chassis and a product design that ticks most of the boxes for what you'd want in a laptop (the most notable weakness is the lack of USB-C DisplayPort output).

This laptop was released in Chinese markets on June 15, 2020, and most of this review was written when I was able to get one in mid-July 2020.

Its iGPU-only spec is better/simpler for Linux compatibility (this ODM's designs have also been pretty Linux friendly in general) and should give better battery-life and weight than any other laptop with comparable CPU power.

It has a pretty unique set of features that makes it stand out from other laptops at the moment: